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The company, based in Vysoké Mýt, has been active in the construction market since April 1998, initially as a natural person named Josef Trunec, with an orientation towards the construction of family houses and smaller buildings. Since 2007, it has been operating as a legal entity under the name Stavitelství-Trunec s. r. o. and acts as a general contractor of buildings - industrial and civil buildings, reconstruction of buildings, family houses, insulation of buildings and other construction works. The company participates in public procurement competitions mainly in the region of Eastern Bohemia.

Dřevo- House, s.r.o.

The main program of the company is the production of prefabricated wooden panel buildings and mobile houses, or prefabricated buildings. Purposeful work on technical parameters, maximum precision in quality assurance and elaborate logistics make it possible to realize dreams of healthy and economical living in a short time. The Dřevo-House company places emphasis on the safety of the materials, which is why it meets the domestic standards and the strict standards of the countries of the European Union in all requirements.

Jesenická stavební, s.r.o.

A family company operating on the Czech construction market since 1998. Its specialization is new buildings, wooden buildings and reconstruction. During the company's existence, they have successfully implemented a number of projects that have become a business card of a job well done, a guarantee of reliability, quality craftsmanship and, last but not least, satisfied clients. They are not afraid of innovation, new materials, non-standard solutions. Adherence to technologies and procedures, open communication and a personal approach to each order are a matter of course. They approach each project individually and carefully, whether it is the repair of a small house or the extensive reconstruction of residential buildings.

Easy Homes solutions, s.r.o.

Company Easy Homes Solutions s. r. o. has been engaged in the construction of high-quality wooden buildings since 2013 and can currently satisfy those interested in any size of house. For clients interested in smaller buildings, it offers modular wooden buildings based on mobile homes, suitable for permanent and recreational living. These small-scale buildings find application not only for housing or recreation, but also in the business sector, such as offices, studios, hairdressers, etc. For those interested in larger family homes, they have plenty of bungalows and multi-storey buildings on offer.


Houses under the linden tree are intended for everyone who is looking for comfortable living in a quiet location on the outskirts of Prague, in close proximity to nature, yet with excellent civic amenities and easy transport access to the city center. Ecological and sustainable living. Modern architecture and renowned architect. High comfort and top quality. Nature and privacy.

Euflooria, s.r.o.

The company deals with the application of floor systems with a wider spectrum of focus from laying to rehabilitation of concrete mixtures, their surface treatments, through the realization of floors made of synthetic resins for industrial and civil solutions. It offers complete and professional services in the field of floor implementation.

JVVZ, s.r.o

JVVZ, s.r.o. was founded in 2016. During that time, he has completed dozens of small and large projects. Their chips open the doors of thousands of people in many cities of the Czech Republic. Installed cameras from JVVZ, s.r.o. creates dozens of TV recordings every day for the security of apartment buildings and institutions. Every day, installed alarms protect homes and businesses.

JIS - Sta, s.r.o.

Czech family construction company operating on the market since 2015. It specializes in construction work in the field of transport and technical infrastructure - i.e. engineering networks, sewerage, communication and road transport. It helps customers realize their plans and visions and make them a reality with them. They take every construction as a challenge - they don't let anything surprise them, they always resolve discrepancies in the projects with the customer and look for a simple solution for quick completion of the work in 100% quality.

Devoto Prefabhomes, s.r.o.

Devoto Prefabhomes, s.r.o. is a Czech brand with a ten-year tradition. It builds modern and intelligent wooden buildings, produces timeless interiors and piece furniture for children and adults. Their name refers to dedication and loyalty - to wood, craftsmanship, own ideas and unconventional, timeless solutions. With the newly opened production hall in Libčice nad Vltavou, they have gained more space where they can build on their many years of carpentry experience. In cooperation with recognized architects, they expand their portfolio with designs, production and implementation of modern wooden buildings.

HORÁČEK - chytré domy, s.r.o.

A family business with a personal approach to all customers. The maximum volume of work is carried out by their own team of people from construction managers to craftsmen. This approach makes it possible to guarantee the work done, to work more efficiently with pricing and to guarantee better customer service. The effort is not to convince clients, but to motivate them with the right information and improve their decision-making with the help of education and expertise already in the consultation process. Each of their customers would no longer be able to imagine life without a smart home or household.

HENSTAV, s.r.o.

The company HENSTAV, s.r.o. was established in 2009. K zásadnímu rozvoji ale došlo až v roce 2012 zaměřením převážně na realizaci staveb charakteru pozemního stavitelství. Water management, transport and agricultural buildings were added to the original plan. Currently, the company also completes industrial and civil constructions with scope throughout the Czech Republic. The company realizes complete constructions in direct delivery or even partially in the form of subcontracts. We are able to provide the necessary engineering and project work. He has been cooperating with foreign investors for a long time and solves the overall coordination of constructions.

Removal, s.r.o.

The company was founded with the aim of offering services that are comparable to the level of services provided in the Western countries of the European Union. They are ready to help with any asbestos problem free of charge, and their more than fifteen years of experience in this field is a guarantee that you will always find a suitable solution.

GEDOST, s.r.o.

A company whose priority is the implementation of land constructions. They are not focused on the implementation of projects of a certain scale. Their managers have experience with projects of various sizes and focus. As they have worked on large-scale projects in their careers, they are comprehensively prepared for the implementation of building structures. The management of project teams is carried out by people who in the past worked in the top and middle management of large construction companies, implementing projects in the role of general contractor.

INVEST - STAR, s.r.o.

The company has been operating in the construction industry since 2002. It mainly specializes in the construction of family houses and complex reconstructions, in the framework of which they often implement insulation, waterproofing and sound insulation through PUR sprayed insulation, plaster screed and cast floors. They also operate their own building materials and a bathroom studio with an e-shop.


A company engaged in real estate and investment activities since 2013 with regular year-on-year growth in financial turnover and the number of properties sold, including successfully completed renovations. In addition to the normal real estate services provided by solid verified real estate agencies, it also offers modern sales methods on its own auction portal and sales options with their financial involvement, thanks to which they sell real estate for the maximum possible price even to interested parties who do not meet the bank's requirements.


BLOCK CRS, a.s. is a respected multinational BLOCK® group of companies that has been operating in many countries around the world since 1991. They implement investment units with demanding technologies (HIGH technology) and high quality environments (clean rooms). They profile themselves as a design, engineering and supply/implementation company with an experienced group of technicians, technologists and engineers for construction management and implementation. It offers its customers comprehensive services in project preparation, production, construction and subsequent service. They realize buildings for pharmacy and biotechnology, healthcare, science and research, microelectronics, automotive and other industrial buildings with clean room technologies.


PRUNIWERK, a.s. is a purely Czech production company - a trading company specializing in the production, supply and assembly of aluminum windows, aluminum doors, aluminum glazed facades, roof skylights, fire ventilation of buildings, light construction and light structures. They also operate custom production of tinkering elements from steel and aluminum sheets. The company employs approximately 50 employees. Of this, roughly half are production and assembly employees, and the other half are technicians managing production, execution of orders, business managers, preparers and fire specialists, designers and other company employees. The company uses, in addition to its core, external production and assembly capacities.

Vapet - innovation, s.r.o.

They have been engaged in construction since 1996 and have been doing business in this field since 2007. They build houses innovatively to match current trends. They realize that having a house built or starting a renovation is not the same as buying new shoes that you throw away after a few seasons. Your house or apartment is your partner and silent companion. Together with you, it monitors the growth of your children or the change of entire generations. That is why they devote thorough care and due attention to the construction of your home or other construction project.

inovel, s.r.o.

Inovel has 11 years of experience in the field. Every year it grows and develops dynamically. The company has been operating under the new name inovel since 2016 and in this short time they have worked with more than 46 customers. The main goal of the company is to build long-term and stable cooperation with customers. They take their work very seriously because you are entrusting them with your electrical installation. For this, they guarantee its correct functionality, reliability and safety.


The company ZELENÉ KOLO, s.r.o. passionately pursuing what is truly important in life: loving, living healthy, and still creating value and difference. They want to be number one in the implementation of gardens, public greenery and projects. As before, they continue to take care of customers with the utmost care, love and high quality. They are members of the Society for Garden and Landscape Design.

SANACE PO, s.r.o.

SANACE PO, s.r.o. is one of the leading Czech companies that deals with accident liquidation, mainly remediation of buildings after fires, floods, after deceased persons, liquidation of oil accidents and all liquid leaks, clearing of apartments after defaulters, remediation and cleaning of basements, attics and vacant buildings, remediation and cleaning after animals, work in respiratory technology and special chemical suits. The company SANACE PO, s.r.o. has been on the market for the twelfth year, while every year it capitalizes on its experience and skills with an ever-higher turnover, in 2018 it reached almost 90 million crowns.


The company AHF STAVBY, s.r.o. was founded in 2009 following a long-standing activity in the construction industry. The owner and founder of the company, Jiří Svoboda, carries out all construction, roofing and carpentry work in Prague and its surroundings, with an emphasis on quality work and a high level of services provided for any project. AHF STAVBY, s.r.o. they rely on the professional approach of all employees. Orders are planned from the beginning in such a way that all sub-craft works are perfectly connected to each other.


The company EUROVIA CS, a. s., formerly Stavby silnic a železnik, a. s., has been offering its services to customers for more than 65 years. Since 2006, it has been wholly owned by the French company EUROVIA S.A., which operates in 18 countries around the world and is part of the global VINCI concern. A modern, dynamic, progressive and prosperous company. They set trends and push the boundaries of the transport engineering construction industry.


ROVESTAV-RD, a limited liability company, was established as a successor to the company Roman Veselka, which was founded in 2002 by the current company's manager, Mr. Roman Veselka, and from the beginning was devoted to constructions based on wood. Now he is mainly devoted to energy-saving, low-energy and passive masonry buildings. The company is based in Frýdlant nad Ostravicí in the foothills of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy.


Construction company based in Ústí nad Labem LIGNOSTAV, s.r.o. offers construction work for interiors and exteriors. Whether you are building a house or remodeling an apartment, get advice! It has been operating on the Czech market of building materials and construction works for many years. They have professionally educated and trained workers and reliable suppliers. They carry out small and large-scale orders, from the insulation of facades to the modernization of bathrooms and kitchens. The construction company operates in the Ústí nad Labem region and throughout the Ústí Region.

IMOS Brno, a.s.

IMOS Brno, a.s. entered the Czech construction market at the beginning of 1997 and became an important universal construction company. During its existence, it built a solid position among construction companies and very quickly expanded its scope from the South Moravian region to the entire Czech and Slovak Republics. However, business activities under the IMOS trademark date back to 1990. Since June 2005, the company has been organizationally divided into a building construction plant and a water management and transport construction plant based in Brno and an Ostrava plant focused mainly on building construction, based in Ostrava. In Slovakia, we are represented by the organizational unit Slovakia, which was established in 2004.

Budžak Building s.r.o.

The professional roots of the company's employees go back to 2001. Construction company Budžak Building s.r.o. was founded in 2015 as a successor company after the end of the monolith center of one company, and therefore they have more than 14 years of experience with reinforced concrete structures. They have their own THP workers and professional professionals – carpenters, masons and concrete workers who work all over the Czech Republic. The company is a modern, dynamically developing construction company and specializes in the implementation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures with system formwork from the renowned PERI and DOKA companies.

Copservis, s.r.o.

The company Copservis, s.r.o. focuses on complex solutions for security systems, both corporate, personal and special. Thanks to many years of experience in the field and in the special services of the armed forces, they provide clients with a professional approach, reliability and discretion when dealing with sensitive security issues.

4interior&tiles, s.r.o.

A young company with a team of experienced people, creating in the field of interiors of apartments, houses, offices and commercial buildings. From design to implementation. They provide an above-standard approach in consulting and implementation. They are passionate about design, detail, quality work and satisfied clients. They are specialists in all surfaces and large-format tiles.

MP Inštal, s.r.o.

A company operating in the field of heating technology since 2001. It provides customers with comprehensive solutions in the field of heating, from the project to the commissioning of the equipment with subsequent service services. They supply their clients with complete energy units, such as boiler rooms, gas pipelines, water installations, etc.


REINS GROUP, s.r.o. is a modern investment-advisory company that focuses on real estate trading. REINS is made up of a close group of real estate professionals who believe in quality and not quantity, and thanks to this we are able to offer our clients the highest level of service.

Ing. Zdeněk Červinka

Since 2000, this company has been realizing gardens from the initial architectonic design through landscaping to the installation of irrigation systems, lighting, or garden ponds. Thanks to their rich experience, expertise and technical equipment, they are able to create an original space from the garden that will become your calling card and in which you will want to spend as much time as possible. It operates in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.

PEVE Construct, s.r.o.

A company specializing in monoliths and masonry. Thanks to enthusiasm and maximum commitment, they are a rapidly growing company in the field of monolithic reinforced concrete constructions. They currently operate with more than 250 qualified and experienced monolithers and masons. They have their own wall and ceiling formwork in basic sets. Individual needs are solved operatively according to the project.

FERPET community, s.r.o.

A young and growing construction company. It was created on the basis of gaining experience from almost 10 years of business. In the short time since the establishment of FERPET community, s.r.o. managed to complete several projects already. Now they mainly build family houses and smaller housing units. Their main goal for the future is the construction of high-rise buildings and larger construction projects. High-quality and professional execution of each order is carried out thanks to cooperation with leading companies. Everything tries to comply with the customer's requirements and reduce time consumption to a minimum.

Dalphen Development s.r.o.

Since its inception, the Dalphen Group has been dedicated to housing in all directions, specializing in comprehensive solutions to clients' housing needs. The Investment Division is currently engaged in the purchase of land, its preparation and the construction of residential development projects. As part of the team, it has a functioning construction division, its own design office and at the same time offers services for the complete processing of building permits. For many years, they have also been involved in real estate within the group and provide support to professional real estate agents. In addition, they provide favorable financing and advice for their clients through mortgage specialists and their own mortgage office.

CZ POINT, s.r.o.

The company CZ POINT, s.r.o. is a Pardubice company focusing on trade and services in the construction industry. He has been working in the field of construction since 1996. He carries out small constructions as well as constructions as a whole. It offers customers comprehensive services including a complete range of building materials, processing budgets for construction, consultancy in the field of construction and the construction itself.


A family business from the Krkonoše foothills, which says: "We are committed to always producing quality and healthy food that helps people use their time efficiently and not compromise on their healthy lifestyle at home and on the go. With the help of the latest world technologies and the Czech heart so we offer a good alternative to home cooking."

SMP CZ, a.s.

The work teams of SMP CZ are involved in solving problems related to mobility, shortening distances, improving living conditions, optimizing urban facilities or developing urban biodiversity. SMP CZ helps connect cities and bring life to them on their surface and below. SMP CZ's business challenges, both in large-scale projects and in local operations, require harmony throughout the entire project life cycle - excellent operational management, integration of new technologies and innovations.

KAMIT - SYSTEM, s.r.o.

It was 2014, when the owner of KAMIT - SYSTEM lost his job, where he worked as an IT manager in a small Ostrava company. Thus, a business was created and a year later a legal entity, which is KAMIT – SYSTEM, s.r.o. The range of services gradually shifted from IT to almost exclusively electricity, at first low-current, later also high-current. Today, the company provides comprehensive services to important clients across the Czech Republic, but also in Germany and Austria.

CZ Atelier

A construction company that has been on the market since 1992. He has already completed many projects, both small and large. For the last three years, he has mainly specialized in baseboards and individual projects of family houses.

Tandarde, s.r.o.

The company TANDARDE, s.r.o. Czech company focused on the placement of concrete steel. Its services include the assembly and placement of concrete reinforcement and curry nets according to PD and applicable standards. The company is also engaged in locksmith production. Assemblies are carried out throughout the Czech Republic.


A team of experts who will help you with the reconstruction or new construction of your property. They can combine your ideas and their experience in such a way as to achieve maximum customer satisfaction as a result. Choosing the right construction company is the key to a worry-free construction and its successful completion.

iQ vytápění, s.r.o.

This company has been intensively engaged in heating systems for several years. It was established in 2009 under the name LTG SYSTEMY, s.r.o. and since October 2016 has been operating on the market in cooperation with Kovýroba Lubas s.r.o. under the new name iQ heating s.r.o. It offers customers a complete low-energy heating directly to measure. They propose an individual heating project, we provide equipment delivery, assembly and commissioning, provide follow-up service and regular inspections.

LV elektro, s.r.o.

Companies engaged in electrical installation and electrical assembly work. It offers home and residential electrical installation, assembly, repairs, revisions, subscription applications, lighting dimming, motion sensors, control of blinds and blinds, room sound systems, heating control, fire detectors, safety sockets, surge protection, intelligent electrical installation, ABB home intercom systems Welcome Midi, Tesla home audio and video systems and LED lighting.

FALKY, s.r.o.

The company provides municipal services in the provision of winter and summer maintenance of roads, care of parks, roads, private and other greenery. It deals with waste management to the extent that it includes its removal from public spaces, collection and disposal, cleaning of non-residential premises, etc. The offered services are provided by modern efficient technology and professionally qualified workers. The goal and effort of the company are above all good, fair and mutually beneficial relations with business partners, which include mainly territorial self-governing units (municipalities, cities), real estate managers, industrial and commercial companies, construction companies and natural persons.

Pasivní dřevostavby, s.r.o.

Passive wood constructions, s.r.o. is a family business with the aim of creating a quality living space. The effort to differentiate from ordinary construction companies is therefore focused on a personal approach to the client, on the use of high-quality verified materials and on the high quality of crafts carried out directly on the construction site. The basis of successful cooperation is a high-quality and well-thought-out design of the house. During the implementation, the construction manager carefully plans the sequence of work and supervises the high quality of the work performed. This makes it possible to supply high-quality passive wooden buildings as standard, which meet even the highest demands on the quality of life in a family home.

Roubenky Střihavka, s.r.o.

The family business was founded in 1993. It is located in the heart of the Kokořínsko PLA, where there is a large number of preserved wooden buildings, from whose craftsmanship it draws inspiration. For over 27 years, he has been trying to continue the art of the old carpenter masters by building new log houses and caring for the historic ones. The company guarantees a high proportion of manual work. For example, when processing beams by carving or scratching, carving decorative elements, dovetails and other carpentry joints. He works with traditional and more modern (especially when building new log houses) materials. Construction is carried out throughout the Czech Republic.

STAVOŠI, s.r.o.

The company deals with construction in the field of land structures and engineering networks. He has many years of experience in the implementation of frame wooden buildings and brick houses, both on a turnkey basis and only partial constructions. The company also increasingly focuses on outdoor distribution of utility networks and, above all, on internal distribution of technical installations such as indoor water supply, sewage, heating and controlled air ventilation with heat recovery. The company's goal is to use high-quality and, if possible, natural materials in construction, which are supported by systems for the use of renewable resources, such as heat pumps, photovoltaic and solar panels, etc.

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