Tasks and requirements online

As in other industries, task management and supervision is an important part of project management in the construction industry. So it is not enough to just submit a task and hope that it will always be 100% completed. The manager and his subordinates need to have a clear overview of when a specific job needs to be done, by what deadline and, last but not least, with what result it was completed. Only by setting such precise milestones can the error rate in implementation be reduced and unnecessary wastage of money be avoided.

Recorded tasking is a relief. For everyone.

Many workers perceive the recording of tasks and requirements as an unnecessary element of construction that slows down their work. However, the opposite is true. By pinpointing the exact location and date of a specific requirement, the confusion and downtime on construction sites caused by forgetting a requirement are avoided. The Stavario application connects the employee, the company, and the investor at the same time. This mechanism allows everyone to always have a clear overview of what is happening on-site and the handling of updated requests in real time. Simple. Online. 

Repairs cost time and money

There isn't a construction site that's immune to repairs and necessary alterations. However, there is a difference if they happen occasionally and for understandable reasons or if they happen constantly. Not only do they slow down the construction process considerably, but they also make the job more expensive, in the form of extra hours for workers, penalties from suppliers, ill-considered purchases of materials, etc. Most of the time they happen because someone has forgotten something. With the Stavario app, this won't happen to you anymore.

Assignment of tasks by the client

If the investor or company needs to assign any specific task to the craftsmen, they do so in the requirements card. What needs to be done:

  1. Enter the name of the request - e.g. build a wall in the 1st floor from concrete bricks 10m2
  2. Assign to a specific project - applies to companies that execute multiple contracts at the same time
  3. Enter the date of processing - i.e. the date by which compliance is to be achieved
  4. Select the employees who will be responsible for the fabrication (1 or more)
  5. Click on the button "Save and close".

The customer is notified of any updates to the task (in progress, any additional questions, resolved, etc.), and any changes can be tracked in their requirements card. The customer also has the opportunity to continue to react and comment on everything necessary.

How tasks and requirements work - from an employee's perspective

In the morning, when the craftsman arrives at work, he logs into the Stavario app with his number and pin and checks the request card. The card records all of the new requests to be processed. They can see what the task is, who assigned it, what the project is, and the deadline. With a simple gesture on the phone app, the person in charge lets the requester know that the request is being dealt with. The moment it is done, the employee goes to the task list and simply marks the request as completed (the requestor sees it in his interface). This makes it possible to easily avoid forgetting important activities while keeping track of all the work you have done.

Benefits of entering tasks via the app

Whether you're the project investor or the implementation company responsible for the work being done, one thing unites you. You want to have a clear overview not only of the finances but also of the construction process itself, all the way to completion. Let's not kid ourselves, these two areas are more interconnected than might be apparent at first glance. If the construction manager cannot supervise the craftsmen to carry out the work systematically and according to clearly defined procedures, the investor can't supervise the construction company to respond flexibly to the requirements, is it possible not to lose? It's not.

With Stavario you'll stop losing money.

Whether intentional or not, mistakes will always be made and it is up to you whether you are willing to accept them in full or work to minimize them as much as possible.

Stavario helps you avoid unnecessary spending, guesswork during handovers, and arguments about who to blame when something goes wrong. You'll no longer have to track communications across multiple platforms and you don't have to worry about losing the information. With Stavario, everything is perfectly recorded in one place.

Keep the entire project under your thumb. Literally.

Start digitizing your processes today and save up to 11%

Next to the online dailly construction log, the electronic asset register is one of the many functionalities of a comprehensive system for construction companies that allows complete administration and management from one place.

Companies that have started using our system have confirmed that problems with registration, handing over and the loss of tools have disappeared practically overnight.

Companies that have started digitizing processes reduced construction costs by up to 11%. The use of modern technologies will continue to be a substantial competitive advantage in the future. Get started as soon as you can.

First steps with Stavario

1. Download the app

Do you want to have everything available anywhere, anytime? All you need is a smartphone, tablet and internet access.

2. Log in

Once you have created access, the process is simple. You can log in via the app on your mobile phone using your ID number and PIN.

3. Easily switch between projects

Do you work on multiple projects during the day and do you need this to be clearly reported? Our app can do that too.

4. Enter the request

Making a clear and traceable request will now be easier than ever.
Handle everything easily, electronically and always have your history perfectly recorded in one place.

5. Remember, do not forget

Even though you're overwhelmed with work and responsibilities are pouring in from all sides, you won't forget anything from now on. Simply enter a request and monitor its execution.

Stay in control of your construction 24/7


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