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Does everyone run away when you leave the construction site? But, at the same time, they still have countless hours on their timesheets? Does the foreman hand you a work report on paper and you have to manually transcribe who worked how many hours on which site, labor costs for construction into Excel, and also prepare it for the payroll accountant? Why should you do all this manually when it can be done automatically? 

Many construction company owners confirm that they pay their employees more money every month than they originally planned. The reason for this is their imaginary hard work, which consists of a large amount of overtime. Unfortunately, practice confirms that a significant part of the overtime recorded is not actually used for construction work at all.

Employees arrive at the construction site ten minutes early every day, but they don't get straight to work - they sit in the canteen, chat with co-workers, or just laze around. They are then rewarded for doing nothing with a standard hourly wage. The solution is easy. Simply set fixed working hours "from - to" and pay overtime only by agreement when specific extra work is specified. This will make financial planning much easier because will know the cost of employee salaries in advance.

The paper timesheet can be misused in many ways

While setting fixed working hours will eliminate the problems of reimbursing unnecessary overtime, it still does not address the potential dishonesty of employees. Attendance is normally recorded on paper timesheets. However, the actual presence of the worker on the construction site is usually not checked.
On most construction sites, a partner writes the hours on a paper timesheet and hands it to the construction manager. The partner will always log 8 or more hours, even if specific workers were on site for less time. This is because construction managers are often in charge of several buildings and work in an office, so it's not in their power to perfectly monitor the reality of the records.

Even among construction managers, there can be dishonest people

Unfortunately, from time to time, paper timesheets are abused by workers and construction managers. They have a perfect overview of the project's economics, so they know how far they can go to take advantage without anyone knowing.
For example, the construction manager may agree with the workers to turn a blind eye to the higher number of hours worked. In the past, we have also encountered practices where construction managers made a deal with the managers of recruitment agencies to register fictitious workers every month who had never been on the construction site. They then split the profits among themselves.

An online attendance system for construction companies will bring transparency

Are you wondering how to eliminate the potential risk of abuse of time and attendance records? Simple. Start using an electronic system for construction companies that includes a number of protection mechanisms. The attendance register is of course part of the Stavario information system and is one of its basic functionalities.
In practice, each employee registers their arrival and departure themselves via a mobile app. There is no risk of the partner or anyone else reporting unrealistic hours worked by individual employees. It is the responsibility of each individual to keep attendance records. In addition to the number of hours worked, they enter scheduled vacation dates, sick leave information, and other circumstances that affect wages and on-site presence into the system. Workforce planning will be much easier for your company.

Attendance in Stavario - quick check-in with GPS and photo on arrival at the site

With the Attendance module, you know who was on which construction site and when, and you can automatically get information for the daily construction log and prepare documents for payroll literally in a few clicks. The function also looks at exactly where the employee logged in from and whether it was really them. So any potential attendance fraud will be eliminated. Employees must report to work via the Stavario mobile app to start counting hours worked. It does it in 20 seconds. On-site, all you need is a single mobile phone or tablet, which all employees can use to log in and out in turn.

Everything is automatically entered into the system and you can then use the records in payroll documents or statistics. In addition, a daily construction log entry is automatically created with each employee check-in. You don't have to copy arrivals and departures from excel spreadsheets.

Are employees cheating on attendance? They can't with Stavario.

When you use Stavario. you can be sure that employees do not cheat on attendance. They have to take a photo and the system records the GPS coordinates from where they have logged in to work. You will also save time when filling in the construction logbook, as all data is automatically uploaded.

Can you imagine saving so much time and resources?

Construction sites aren't revolving doors! The Stavario attendance system sets clear rules.

A perfect overview of income and expenses is crucial for the effective financial planning of a construction company. A significant cost is the wages paid to employees, which are based on the number of workers and the hours on the site. However, without a transparent attendance system, it is difficult to monitor the real presence of employees without rounding up hours or adding fictitious overtime. Start using the system for attendance at construction sites. You will be surprised at the financial and time savings it will bring you.

Easy management of attendance records

It is also easy to enter the persons present on-site into the daily entries of the daily construction log. Employee attendance records include:

  • arrival on site
  • snack breaks
  • site departure
  • the distance of the check-in from the construction site

No more employees logging in at home as they leave for work.

Electronic attendance records and their protection mechanisms

We mentioned that Stavario's on-site attendance management system uses a number of safeguards to reduce the risk of falsification and misrepresentation. What are they? The worker who registers his/her arrival at the site must take a photo via the app. This confirms that the correct person has actually entered the check-in without asking, for example, a co-worker to do it.

GPS coordinates are automatically uploaded to the information system upon arrival and departure. This ensures that all employees are present on site for both the recorded arrival and departure.

How does the mobile app actually work?

It is based on several basic principles that work on the construction site.

The moment the tradesmen arrive at the site in the morning, they log in with their personal number and pin. After logging in, they click on arrival, select the building they came to, and physically take a picture. This gives you an overview of whether it is indeed a specific employee. The app welcomes them to work. This simple step gives you a clear overview of who came in, at what time, and for what project. That way you don't have to call anyone. You can see that you are working on all the buildings.

At the same time, the application can create reports for you where you can see the hours worked and the labor costs for individual projects. Rewriting the timesheet is a thing of the past. You can clearly see check-in/out, time worked, total hours, leave, and doctor visits. All of the data is so clear that you can simply take the report and hand it over to the payroll accountant. There is no need to check anything, the app keeps track of everything itself. This is the end of workers cheating on their timesheets.

The app uses GPS so that you can see the variety of places where workers log in. When the login location is significantly distant from the site, for example by 500 meters or more, the app will show you. You can easily find out the exact location where the login was made.

With the sophisticated hourly wage setting, the application calculates an overview of all the hours worked on construction sites and the total wage amount. The recalculation is done every day, so the data is always up-to-date.


First Steps for Attendance

1. Download the app

Do you want to have everything available anywhere, anytime? All you need is a smartphone or a tablet and internet access.

2. Log in to the construction site

Once you have created an employee and a project, the process is simple. The employee logs in via a mobile phone app using his/her ID number and PIN.

3. Easily switch between projects

Do you work on multiple projects during the day and need them to be clearly reported? Our app can do that too.

4. Enter holiday requests

Applying for leave will now be easier than ever.
Keep it simple. Electronically.

5. See the hours worked

Would you like to look at the number of hours you've worked so far or calculate your pay before it is sent to your account? You can easily find everything in our app.

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