Hour sensor

A unique Czech sensor for monitoring the operation of company machines and tools

What does the sensor track?

Engine hours - simply how much the machine has "run" in the period from - to or in total.
Working hours - how many hours during the day the tool was in operation.
Temperature - temperature monitoring near the machine.
NFC pairing – the sensor paired with the app knows who is working with the tool.

What can the sensor help me with?

  1. You will find out how many hours the machine has worked, how long it has been in operation and the overall service life.
  2. You will get an overview of when and who is working or has worked with which tools.
  3. You will know when a regular service is coming.
  4. You will find out whether it is worth owning, renting or taking the machine to the fleet.
  5. Has the machine been damaged by exposure to direct sunlight or freezing? You know when and who did it.
  6. Workers have an incentive to treat company equipment more gently.

How does it work?

Simple. You attach a mini-sensor to any electric machine with  a motor and monitor data about your tool via our web interface.

Can data be manipulated?

They won't. The sensor collects and sends a series of independent stimuli to the online application. The application analyzes the data and recognizes when the machine is actually being worked on, when it is idling or when it is just being moved.

What is the price and delivery date?

  • 990 CZK without VAT / pc - pre-sale price, valid until 31 October 2020, delivery date in January 2021
  • CZK 1,490 without VAT / pc - regular customer price from 1/11/2020
  • Do you have many machines and plan to remove more sensors? Contact us for a quote.