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Every construction company invests a significant amount of money in tools, machinery, vehicles, and other equipment. It's simply not possible to work in the construction industry with just your bare hands. The problem is that the equipment passes through the hands of many people. Sooner or later it mysteriously starts to disappear or returns to the warehouse in an unusable state.

Why are your efforts to manage the equipment as honestly as possible just not working out? In short, you have no way to find out exactly where the tool is at any given moment and who is working with it. Start using online property registration and end all of the chaos.

Once the tools are released from the warehouse, you immediately lose track of them.

Do you know what tools and machinery are realistically available to you? Look in the toolbox or check your tool Excel sheet to see the condition of the equipment and if it is in place. Most likely you'll find out that some of the tools are missing or damaged. Unfortunately, many construction companies don't know what happens to tools after they are released from storage.

We recommend that you register all the equipment at your disposal. This prevents problems that usually aren't discovered until it is too late.

Maintaining an online record of all your large and small equipment solves many problems

Online electronic asset registration solves many of the problems that most construction companies face. Tools will no longer be lost or destroyed because they will be in the care of a specific person. This also ends the practice of blaming each other for damaged tools. The movement of company assets around the sites will be easily traceable and completely transparent.

Having on online inventory of assets also makes it easier to track down equipment when it needs to be transported to another site. You can use the system to find out where it is, contact the person in charge immediately, and arrange for it to be taken to another construction site. You also get an overview of the assets that are freely available in the warehouse at any given time.

In addition to an electronic daily construction log, an online attendance and asset register is one of the many features that an advanced information system for construction companies should have. Stay one step ahead and give the green light to modern technologies that bring order to the construction industry and bring significant savings in time and money.

Easily import corporate assets from a file

Adding tools to the Stavario system is very quick and simple.

You just list all the assets in a pre-prepared template and add the necessary information. If you have previously kept electronic records you can simply copy them into the template. A complete inventory of company equipment is uploaded into the system with a single click. The import function will also save you hours of work.

Mark the tools with barcodes or numbers

In the next step, all tools and machines need to be fitted with original barcodes or just numbers written in spirit. You assign everything to the items registered in the system. Scan the barcode or manually enter the number via the mobile app to find out all the information.

Barcodes are not only for taking possession of property. Employees can also easily access user manuals, inspection reports or fault alerts. When working with tools, they can also add any notes to the item themselves to alert other workers to any problems or discrepancies.

Start tracking the movement of tools around construction sites

The moment you have all your equipment entered into an online asset register and coded, you'll have an overview you never dreamed of before. Employees will pick up tools from the warehouse via a mobile app through which they scan a code. The tool is assigned to a specific worker who will be responsible for it from that moment on.

Workers can also use the mobile app to transfer tools and machines between themselves. With the online interface, you will be able to see in real-time what tools are available to which person, what site they are on, who has used them, and when they have returned to the warehouse.

Stavario's online asset register is not bound by a license

If an employee forgets the laptop or mobile phone that they normally use, they can easily borrow any other device, for example from a colleague, log in under their account, and complete the daily record. This means that the company can access asset management from anywhere there is internet access.

Start digitizing your business today

In addition to the online daily construction log the electronic record of fixed and small assets is one of the many functionalities of a comprehensive system for construction companies that allows complete administration and management from one place.

Companies that have started using our system have confirmed that problems with registration, handing over and loss of tools have disappeared practically overnight.

Are your tools getting lost and destroyed? Try out the Stavario system for 14 days free and see for yourself that it's a solution that really works.

Companies that already started digitizing processes have reduced construction costs by up to 11%. The use of modern technologies now will provide a strong competitive advantage in the future. It's better to embrace them as soon as you can.

First steps with Stavario

1. Easy introduction of assets

Register all assets including machinery or tools in no time.

2. Transparent asset management

Assign all documents, invoices, revision reminders, warranty periods, periodic payments and other information to machines and tools, including setting up alerts.

3. Convenient history view

Find out who took possession of the equipment, when they returned it, and whether they signed for it. This gives you complete control over your property.

4. Taking over assets online

Employees take possession of assets by simply using a code. If necessary, they can see exactly who had it last and where the person is located. They can then contact the employee who has the asset directly through the app and arrange a handover.

5. Records of loaned assets

If you work with external staff, you can easily keep a record of who has what. You can even create a report that shows a complete history of everything that was loaned out.

6. Asset Sharing Settings

You can even choose to show certain assets only to the people that are competent to use them.

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