What are the benefits of Stavario?

Mobile apps for workers

Only your workers install the mobile app on their phones (Android, iOS ). They use it to report arrival and departure from the construction site, take over tools, request materials, or send tasks. Data is sent via web interface to employees in the office.

Simple attendance management on site

Benefits for office staff

Web interface for office staff. Here you evaluate the incoming data from workers , manage projects and communicate with people in the company and customers .

Benefits for clients, investors and supervisors

For construction investors only. From here, the customer monitors the progress of their project and communicates with your company .

Benefits for all

Make your business easier

With our attendance records, tools, and online construction diary, construction will run faster, more clearly and nothing will be lost.

Reduce construction costs

Employees aren't idle, attendance hours are correct, and all costs are together. The system itself monitors the return on investment and the efficiency of projects.

Stop losing tools

Who has the drill, what construction site is it on, and has it ever been returned to storage? Leave your worries behind, you have an overview of everything.

Save time

No more writing statements and reports manually, attendance monitoring, invoicing, and more. We will replace 1 employee out of 10.

How does Stavario work?

Watch the video where we explain how the Stavario system works.


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