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Construction or assembly logs in paper form have many disadvantages. Recording the work carried out and information on all the circumstances requires the physical presence of the people in charge and their cooperation with each other. Keeping a building log and then actually viewing it is logistically demanding and takes a lot of time. In addition, a paper diary can be lost, overwritten, or destroyed.

You can't always monitor its accuracy

A paper document is easily lost or damaged on site. It is also relatively easy to overwrite, add to or delete, and so its credibility declines rapidly. Do you know who had the diary with them last and what they did with it?

Endless administration robs you of time

Keeping a paper diary takes a lot of time and work. The construction manager must fill in all the necessary data manually every day and must have the logbook physically available.

The construction log should be on site all the time, so it is quite difficult for the investor to access it. If he wants to see the logbook, he must make an appointment with the company and come to the site in person.

However, enlightened investors know the weaknesses of paper construction diaries and often look down on them. However, they have a completely different view of electronically kept construction diaries. They bring maximum transparency and clarity to construction.

Advantages of an online daily construction log

When you switch to the online daily construction log, all of these disadvantages disappear. You can make entries and checks anywhere at any time. You can easily respond to the minutes and add any comments you wish. The system runs on secure remote storage and all changes and modifications are traceable and evident. Therefore, there is no risk of any unfair practices in the form of rewriting of entries. It creates daily records, automatically fills in the employees on site, their working hours and the current weather. No more lengthy correspondence and conflicts with investors.

The electronic log instantly connects the company with the investor

The online daily construction log is a great bridge between construction companies and investors. Everyone has instant access to all the information in real time, so they don't have to call or email about every little thing that mysteriously gets lost. In addition, investors can add their comments and requirements to the system making it possible to communicate with the construction company through one interface.

Save extra hours of work

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A lot of time is saved by simple direct communication as well as the quick and intuitive addition of records. The online daily construction log clearly records all additional work, investor approvals, and the number of workers on site. You can easily make additional entries with the mobile phone app, even from the building site. There is even a voice dictation feature, which converts your voice to text, to help you do this.

Paper construction logs often have to be rewritten because of poor handwriting. With a digital diary, this doesn't happen anymore and all the history is recorded, both for the subcontractors and the investors.

The electronic daily construction log automatically records weather information

Weather information is an integral part of every construction log. It can often be used as an important piece of evidence in resolving disputes related to construction delays. Among other things, it can be used to prove that the required technical procedures were followed, for example, while pouring concrete.


Stavario's online daily construction log is connected to the information systems of the weather stations and it automatically records the weather information for the day. This means that there can be no deliberate misrepresentation of information. Also, authorized persons don't have to enter the weather information, which eliminates the risk of forgetting to do it. This is one of the many functionalities of the Stavario electronic log that saves time and also costs in the long run.

The Stavario online daily construction log is not constrained by a license

If an employee forgets their laptop or mobile phone, they can easily borrow another device (e.g. from a colleague), log in under their account, and complete the daily record. This means that the company can access the daily construction log from anywhere that has internet access.

Start digitizing your processes today and save up to 11%

Stavario is easy and intuitive for construction companies to set up.

After a few days of use, you will have mastered all the available functions. It will take you some time to import data, add company assets, employees or documents. However, these are one-off tasks that will save you dozens of hours of work each month in the long run.


Companies that have already started digitizing processes have reduced construction costs by up to 11%. The use of modern technologies will continue to be a strong competitive advantage in the future. Get started as soon as you can.

First steps with Stavario

1. Create an Online Daily Construction Log

You can create a construction log in the app in no time. The online construction log will not deteriorate or get lost; you can consult it anytime and from anywhere.

2. Automate daily records

Daily entries such as weather forecasts, on-site workers, mechanization, and other information are automatically added to the log. The system will always notify you if all the records have been completed. Simply add photos and videos to your log.

3. Assign access to the investor

Share the online daily construction log with the investor. You and the investor get a real-time overview of all changes. This will save you a lot of time, for example, when approving changes thanks to electronic signatures.

4. Archive information automatically

All changes are automatically archived. You can trace any information back several years.

Stay in control of your construction 24/7


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