Stavario system control

General expressions

User – a person working in the web interface who administers projects, writes in the construction diary, takes care of property, warehouse, adjusts attendance for employees or sets access rights for other users.

Employee – a person working in a mobile application, where he keeps track of attendance, takes photos of construction progress and assigns tasks to users.

Client – a person who looks into the construction diary, assigns tasks to users and signs documents.

ERP system - web interface of the Stavario application.

General control procedures

General controls

Button Add a record - creates a new record

Button​​ Save - saves the recording in progress and it remains displayed

Button Save and Close - saves the record in progress and closes the form

Button Save and add more - saves the record in progress and goes to create another one

Add to folder Add to folder button - the function adds the record to the created folder

The Move button - Move - function allows you to sort the items in the list

The Edit button - Edit​​ - function allows you to edit the focused record

The Delete button - Delete or - Delete function deletes the focused record

The Send password button - Submit password - function sends a new password to the user's email or an SMS with a PIN code to the employee

The Settings button - Settings - function displays the settings of individual agendas and items or allows you to edit a message in the chat

The Restore button - Restore - function restores deleted items or records from the trash

The Print button - Print - function allows you to export the agenda or items to PDF for subsequent printing

The List of items button - List of items - function displays a list of items in the given agenda

The Download button - Download - function downloads the required documents or images

Asterisk - * - information that must be filled in

The checkmark - - function marks individual items for subsequent mass editing

Roll-up (drop-down) menu - Roll-up (drop-down) menu - field where you choose from preset options

Filter panel

Filter panel

The filter panel is available in all forms and its control is the same across the entire system.

How to use the filter:

  1. In the displayed form, click in the filter panel.
  2. Enter the characters or word to be searched for in the appropriate cell. Note: diacritics are required.
  3. Press the button Filter in the right part of the form.

Example: You search in the list of employees in the "Employees" module. Click in the "Surname" field. Enter the desired text and press the button Filter. It is also possible to start filtering records by pressing the Enter key.

Turn off the filter

How to:

  1. In the displayed form, click in the filled-in filter field.
  2. Delete the filled characters from the field.
  3. Finish by pressing ​​Filter or the Enter key.

Mass deletion of records

How to:

  1. In the list of items (rows) on the left, check the records Check mark.
  2. Press the button Delete.

Note: Deleted recordscan be restored from the Recycle Bin. In the appropriate list in the filter panel, choose Trash​​. Deleted records will be displayed. To restore the record, press the button "Restore record" Restore record​​.