Technical support pricing

Free phone support

We will advise you by phone for free. This support should not exceed 20 minutes per call. The resolution of customer requests, which by their nature obviously lead to exceeding the recommended time limit (e.g. complete installation and setup of the program, analysis of user data, maintenance and closure of a large volume of data, etc.), will be charged according to the list price of the relevant service.

Priority (express) hotline

For priority handling of your request, we have a paid technical support line at xxx xxx xxx. Price per minute of call 30 CZK / minute?

300 - 1000 CZK per hour

Price list of programming works

When we do individual subprograms, data imports, editing of complex reports or analysis of sent data, data checks in individual modules, etc. for you, we use our best programmers and experts.

1500 CZK per hour

Other programming jobs

analysis of the scope of work during customization - CZK 950 per hour
custom adjustments, data import and others - CZK 950 per hour

Remote technical support

Basic remote technical support price: 850,-
(within the next two business days)

Extended remote technical support price: 1500,-
(no later than the next day)

Flat-rate remote technical support services price for tariff customers
(minimum 3 months)

Working hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on working days.

The price of technical support outside these working hours is double.

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